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Triumphalny sochi of angelotti - Sochi

Triumphalny sochi of angelotti comes from the breeder: Angelotti located in Russia. He is called Sochi for close friends and is our first breeding male. Sochi is a very obedient dog and very close to his masters. He is a dog who wants to please his master and who does everything to charm. He is protector and guardian. He is very versatile in several sports. 

On June 29, 2020 our beautiful boy was sterilized. After two wonderful litters, it's now retirement time for him! He lives the perfect life with my sister family.

Date of birth: December 10, 2013
Sire:  Larry LaBlankpapilio
Dam:  Aguilera Iz Beloy Brigady
Hair:  Long

MDR1:  Clear
Degenerative myelopathy:  Carrier (normal allele/DM mutation)
Hip OFA:  Fair
OFA elbow:  Normal

Height: 63cm
Weight: 38kg


Dam: Aguilera

Capture d’écran, le 2018-11-16 à 22.23.2

Date of birth: 02/11/2012

DE: 0/0
MDR1: +/+
DM: +/+

Full teething | cock scissors

Size: 60cm

Weight: 33kg

Show titles: 

Russian Champion 
Latvian Champion

Champion of Belarus

National Breed Club Champion

2x CAC Austria (2xCAC) 
3xCACIB Interchampions

Sir: Larry

Père Lary_edited.png

Date of birth: 02/08/2011

DE: 0/0
MDR1: +/+

Full teething | cock scissors


Height: 65cm

Weight: 32kg

Show titles: 

Junior Champion of Russia
Junior Champion of Ukraine
Champion of Russia
Champion of Belarus
Champion of Latvia
2 х СACIB CIB Champion

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