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Amazing Azko of Mudisas Angels CGN

Azko arrived directly from Germany in May 2021. 
He's a super confident little coco with a very good working drive. He loves to please and be glued to his masters. He is very obedient and loves to play! Azko is a real little ball of energy always ready to make us laugh!
Azko has passed all his health tests, so he is officially in our breeding program! 

Date of birth: February 19, 2021
Sire: BISS, CIB, CH, JCH, BOG, JBIS White Dream Team Majestic Malo IPO 3, IPO 2, IPO 1, IPO VO, NP-A, BH/VT 
Dam: Neverending Tales Hetty Lotte

Hair: Long

MDR1: Clear 
Degenerative myelopathy: Clear
FCI Hip: A/A
FCI elbow: 0/0
Heart : Normal
Thyroid: Normal

Weight:  kg

Activities practiced:
- Trick dog
- Agility
- Obedience

- R


Dam: Lotte


Date of birth: August 19, 2017

MDR1:  Clear
Degenerative myelopathy:  Clear 
FCI Hip:  A/A
FCI elbow:  0/0

Size: 60cm
Weight: 30kg


Sire: Bax

IMG_4172 1.JPG

Date of birth: May 25, 2016

MDR1:  Clear
Degenerative myelopathy:  Clear
Hip FCI: A/A
FCI elbow:  0/0

Height: 64cm
Weight: 37kg


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