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Who are we? 


Here, animals are part of our family. Having always had dogs since our youngest age, my spouse and I  we are passionate. We live on a farmhouse with horses, the dogs follow us in all the daily activities. We are located in the Eastern Townships, Canada. We are both in love with sheepdogs!  

Passion for the Swiss White Shepherd  started in 2015.  We were looking for a life companion to follow us in our activities  daily. After several days, weeks and months  research we fell in love with the Berger blanc suisse (BBS). The BBS has for us all the qualities to complete our family perfectly.  

At the time of our research, it was very difficult to find a breeder in Quebec that met our adoption criteria (registration, health tests, socialization, etc.). After several searches, we adopted Sochi and then we fell in love with him. It is in 2017 we imported our first female, Kira, from Croatia, a really good kennel (White Dream Team).


We are breeders by passion, our goal is to make known this magnificent breed while putting their quality, but also their fault forward since no dog is perfect! We are always working with the aim of improving the breed. Each mating is thought out and behind that hides several hours of research  and work! We attach enormous importance to the choice of our futur dogs or breeding male that we take from outside. Being a breeder requires a lot of work, which is why we only have one to two litters per year maximum. Each litter requires a great investment of time in order to offer our families the best  possible puppies. We place great emphasis on the development and socialization of our puppies. We use two programs to help us: Puppy culture and Avidog .  

Our dogs all live in the house with us and are an integral part of our lives. they all sleep  in our room, accompany us to work and follow us in our daily activities! In order to provide a good life and quality time for each of our dogs, we cannot keep them all at home.  Occasionally we place  our relief (puppies) with host families. Foster families allow our dogs to have their family and thus have more quality time, families play an important role in our breeding program and get involved with us.  

I wish you an excellent reading of our website!  

You will find a lot of information here.  

Thank you,

Katherine & David  

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