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In America and Canada the White Swiss Shepherds have gradually become a separate breed. The first dogs of this breed were imported to Switzerland in the early 1970s. The American male "Lobo", born on March 5, 1966, can be considered the ancestor of this breed in Switzerland. The descendants of this male registered in the Book of Swiss Origins (LOS) just like those of other white shepherds imported from the USA and Canada gradually made stock and spread all over Europe; where today a large number of White Shepherds bred for several generations in purebred exist. These dogs have been registered as a new breed in the appendix of the Swiss Stud Book (LOS) since June 1991.
When we choose our dogs, we always look to ensure that they respect as much as possible  the   standard of their breed (Standard-FCI N° 347).

Characteristics of the Berger blanc suisse:
Dog very close to his master and very sticky, sensitive, attentive and obedient. It is a docile and social dog, which can be protective. He is rarely a barker. He is a very versatile working and sporting dog, but he is also an excellent family dog. They are dogs that love to please their master and have attention. The White Swiss Shepherd is always ready to follow you for all your activities, but he also knows how to stay calm in the house. He's not a runaway at all. As he is a dog very clos to his master, it is important to socialize them a lot so that he is sociable with stangers and others dogs. It is also important to teach them to be alone so they do not develop separation anxiety. 
Activity: This is a dog that needs daily exercise, very versatile in sports; herding, protection (IGP), tracking, obedience, agility, carnicross, service dog, etc. 
Care: The fact that he is white does not make him a more difficult dog to maintain! The white Swiss shepherd has a hair called self-cleaning, it does not need to have monthly baths, if it is dirty (mud), it cleans itself quickly. The BBS has two major molting periods per year. 

NEVER SHAVE A BBS: By shaving your dog you remove their protection against the cold or the heat, in both cases the role of the hair is a role of insulation against the cold and against severe sunburn. In addition, you damage the hair which will be less beautiful by pushing back and risks growing back denser than before. 

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